There’s good, there’s better, and then there’s BihlerFLEX™. A company committed to developing, manufacturing and marketing products of the highest quality that perform to the most demanding standards while delivering outstanding value.

A great example of these standards is FlexaPure™, our exclusive rubber and latex-free material. Super strong and flexible, FlexaPure safely stretches up to twice its original length and has excellent memory retention. Products made with it won’t wear out or lose shape. FlexaPure is incredibly versatile and can be used in an endless variety of applications.

BihlerFLEX makes FlexaPure, and FlexaPure makes the difference in our pet and bungee products. That’s why they’re not only the best; we think they’re perfect.

As part of our ongoing mission, BihlerFLEX welcomes and encourages partnerships with individuals and companies that share our vision and values, and who are committed to creating exceptional products for business and consumer alike. If you’re driven to being the best, contact us today at 908-329-9136.

Headquarters: Phillipsburg, NJ USA

Area of Service: Regional, National and Global

Philosophy: Partners in Profitability

Mission: Develop and deliver the highest quality, best performing products

Values: Quality, Integrity and Teamwork

Markets Served: Diverse Business and Consumer


BihlerFLEXis one of the Bihler Group Companies. Over the past 40 years, Bihler has grown to become a leader in precision stamping, forming, welding, tapping, manufacturing and multi-piece assemblies with domestic and international customers and partners. Since 1976, the success of Bihler has been built on outstanding technology, training, quality, value and a continuing culture of excellence.


To maintain excellence in the consistent delivery of the best quality materials and products, BihlerFLEX™ conducts continuous quality checks including the following:

  • Statistical Process Control utilizing WinSPC
  • Quality Management System (QMS) and Process Interaction integrated into a Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle
  • Internal QMS audits regularly performed to insure efficacy
  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, Control Plan, Process Flow, and Measurement System Analysis quality tools are employed
  • Cross-training is performed within departments to ensure employees are proficient in multiple areas and understand requirements throughout the process
  • Robust preventive maintenance program for all equipment and machines


At BihlerFLEX™ and the Bihler Group Companies, sustainability is an essential component of conducting business responsibly and successfully. We have always strived to minimize the use of harmful chemicals and taken great pride in keeping our work environment clean and free of hazardous situations that might result in injury to our valued workforce. In 2011, a 2.2 Megawatt Solar Project comprised of solar cells was installed on the rooftops of Bihler of America buildings A & B, located in Phillipsburg, as well as a ground mount system. The following year, 2012, this installation generated 2,436,608 KWH. In 2014, the Bihler Group Companies set an electrical conservation goal to reduce facility lighting by 5%. This initiative included the review of all manufacturing areas to determine program feasibility followed by the installation of occupancy sensors. As part of our partner program, we have established an Energy Efficient Purchasing Policy.